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Training Border Collie for Goose Control


Goose Dogs For Sale trains and handles Border Collie for goose control management. We are at the forefront of promoting training Border Collies for the effective and humane management of Canada geese. Our portfolio includes goose control companies, wildlife management companies, and golf courses. Owner Cathy Benedict has over 20 years of experience in this field. 


Alongside the many geese control companies in the State, our ultimate goal at Goose Dogs For Sale is to provide highly-trained and reliable Border Collies that fit the unique needs of residents and communities locally across Virginia, but also nationwide as well. We stand true to our vision of “No Harm, No Fowl” — dispersing Canada geese without causing harm or trouble to any species or property.


With Canada geese becoming a persistent problem across the United States, the health threat that they bring to groomed outdoor properties and bodies of water is a genuine concern. 

At Goose Dogs For Sale, we are committed to protecting humans and properties against aggressive Canada geese.

We believe that Border Collies are the cost-effective and long-term solution to keeping geese away from areas where they are considered a nuisance. Border Collies are one of the smartest and hardest working animals that are born with natural ability to herd and stalk geese without harming them. They are born with the right combination of prey drive and control for Canada geese deterrence.

To us, training Border Collies is one of the most beneficial ways to help eliminate the problems of people in Virginia and elsewhere.

About Cathy Benedict

At the helm of Goose Dogs For Sale is Cathy Benedict, dog trainer and animal advocate.

Cathy has been training Border Collies in Berryville, VA since 1997. She has, for many years, recognized their unique ability and instinct, and has promoted their use as highly effective herd dogs for intrusive Canada geese.

Over the course of time, Cathy has made her specially-trained Border Collies available to property companies and organizations in Northern Virginia to keep people safe and happy from aggressive and messy geese populations. Her portfolio of clients includes:

· Wildlife management companies

· Canada goose control companies

· Golf courses

· Many more

Akin to the dogs she trains, Cathy has a tender heart for animals. She is actively engaged with the Humane Society of the United States, an organization dedicated to anti-animal cruelty and animal rescue causes since 1954. Having deployed all across the United States on various cases to help provide shelter care, Cathy’s deployments have included: 

· NC puppy mill;

· Tennessee 84 horse hoarding case;

· cock-fighting in Lynchburg, Virginia;

· 700-cat hoarding case in Gainesville, Florida; 

· one of the largest pit-bull fighting ring busts covering 3 states, in Florida;

· Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey;

· and most recently a 50+ dog Great Dane hoarding case in New Hampshire in 2017 that lasted over a year. 

Cathy’s involvement in the past includes sheep trials, and Board Treasurer for the Virginia Border Collie Association (VBCA).

Her commitment to the betterment of the community and her unwavering campaign for humane animal treatment has garnered her recognition among numerous organizations in Northern VA. 

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Help keep Canada geese away from populated areas and properties where they can pose a problem. For inquiries or concerns, kindly send us a message on our Contact page and we’ll get back to you immediately!  

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